Trump said more people would die from COVID under Biden as President than have under him at 2020 debate

During the 2020 Presidential debates the now President Biden said that people died from COVID because Trump did not know what he was doing and that if Biden was President, the deaths caused by CV19 would dramatically be reduced or cease. Yet within 1 year of his Presidency 3xs the amouint of people who died from COVID under Trump have died from COVID under Biden.


Trump : 200k deaths in 2020

Biden: 590K deaths in 2021


More people have died under Biden from COVID in one year  than people who died from HIV in 40 years.



This debate between Trump and Biden is very important, every one should watch it again with a clear mind, as doing so will bring clarity to every and anything both Presidents said as being true or false. Everything Trump said about Biden has been proven, while nothing Biden promised has been delivered, and the price thus far has been 579k innocent American lives, many of who beleived Biden.